Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Poetry - Two day wonder

This is called juxtaposition.  Look this word up in the dictionary and copy the definition here.
Two opposites side by side for effect….

Write your own version.
Using: Waking up in the morning. Coming to school in summer / winter.

Day 1 Summer:
Waking up early in the morning getting ready for school and listening to the birds singing jubilantly in the trees.
Outside I look. I see vibrant colors, clear skies and people driving with the laughter and delight.  Faces were sticking
out from the window of the cars with joy and excitement like Santa Claus had been seen. Letting my imagination
run wild like a horse in world war 1 running for its life. The joy I felt oh goody old me. I felt like I was obsessed
with summer mornings. Seeing people lounge and relax under the pine trees, to enjoy their delicious sandwiches
and kids eating their divine apple pies…

Day 2 Winter:

Waking up early in the cold and gloomy morning grumpily changing into my school uniform and glaring at the
clock to see every second, minute and hour I have spent changing… and as I get into the car people beeping
and stressed out at the end of our house driveway… getting stalked by the rain all the way to school. And
feeling despondent and uninterested in the world. When we got to school I spot people walking depressed
and low spirited in to their classrooms...

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