Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Day #4 activity #2 - Summer Learning Journey - Playing Games

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Today for this Summer Learning Journey activity I used my smart searching skills to find information about the game I chose which is Ki o Rahi. Finding information about this game was fun. I had to find two rules in the game and the purpose of this game. So rule number one is if the ball goes out of the circle that last team that had the ball MUST hand the ball over to the other team. Rule number two is that players can NOT enter Te Ara unless they are Kio ma, Kiatiaki or the guardians. The goal for taniwha the team is to use the ball/ki to hit the tupu. Kioma's team goal is to rip the tag or tackle them in the appropriate area.


  1. Hey Viva, great job on completing this activity. I am Billy and I am from the Summer Learning Journey programme. It's great to see that you are working hard during the Summer and blogging lots. Keep up the fantastic work!

    Thanks for sharing this game and also a diagram of the game. The diagram makes it so much easier to understand once you've read the writing. I love this game, it reminds me of a game I used to play at school called Tapuwai. It's very similar but just with two circles.

    Do you like to play any other games, activities or sports?

    Thanks, Billy

  2. Mālō e lelei Viva,
    My name is Patricia from the Summer Learning Journey team.
    I really liked that you used a diagram to create a visual image for this game, well done!
    For the future, when writing a list try to use bullet points to organise you text and make it easy to read.
    I hope you are enjoying your holidays and by now starting to think about your return to school, only 2 weeks to go.
    If you would like to continue with the activities follow this link
    Dig in and keep blogging, I can wait to see your next post!
    Kia Kaha,

  3. Hi Vivanisi,
    This seems like a really fun game to play, and I can see that it is all about the accuracy in hitting the tupu in the middle.

    Great job

  4. Hi Viva
    I remember when Mr O first started at our school he taught the kids to play this game and even made a movie for the film festival about it. I'm sure we could ask him to teach us, then have an LS1/Ls2 challenge. That would be fun! I'm looking forward to reading your next post.
    Mrs A :)