Thursday, 31 May 2018

Samoan Language Week (learning)

Two days ago on Samoan language week, our class paired up with LS1 pupils. We all created this DLO by asking our experts Angela and Junior (and Alex)... my DLO shows the maths symbol (like plus, takeaway, divided bides and times tables. This task was for Samoan language week.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Charlotte Anne - 1870s Clothing - New Zealand

Today for inquiry our class got into a group of 4. First we paired up then paired up again to get 4 pupils in a group. We all worked collaboratively to inform people about Charlotte Anne who  wore very odd clothing for a women/female in 1870. She denied the rules and followed what she  did. Charlotte was very hard working person because even it'd been a very bad weather she tried her best to get to work on time and did her work properly. Now in the modern days people made electronics and other things they'd created to make cars because people have struggled to get to school or work on time if they lived far  away or even when the weather was bad looking. Charlotte Anne these days is a pioneer, a pioneer is the first ever person to do something or create. As much as I would like to become a pioneer I can't because I can't think of anything anyone hasn't done, and people have already did everything I can think of. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

White Sunday

Today LS1 and LS2 (my class) were focused on Samoan Language week. We learnt about the language for example Hello, Talofa in pairs. After that the LS2 pupils paired up with the LS1 pupils we then paired up with another pair or 2 to create a group of four. We then in our groups had a little discussion of  what subject we were going to look at. Together our groups created a DLO informing you about the subject. 

Monday, 28 May 2018

Leap Of Faith

Leap Of Faith...

As the sun set, the two owls were getting organized for the night. They scanned the sky to make sure there were no predators out soaring for a tasty dinner, perhaps and hopefully not them. The two took off in the rhythm of the wind…

The two soared in the clear sky insearch of their prey. While gazing down at the muddy and gloomy ground for insects such as worms, snails, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets (not the sport but the bug), praying mantis and many other insects/bugs.

As the two owlets were relaxing they’d finally spotted a long, muddy worm. They looked at each other eye to eye like they’d both entered a staring competition and knew that only one of them would be able to eat it. Silently they agreed on a race, the winner would get to eat the worm. No-one moved as they continued to stare at each other, each one hoping they would get the chance to have it to themselves.

Both swooped down as fast as Flash. But No one caught the worm! How anxious and despondent the two were! The worm felt its heart was beating like a scotching race car. The worm turned into the luckiest of them all...
“That worm was very lucky!” one said.
“Wriggly worm must have been very frightened at how focused we were!” the other said with a smile. “How jubilant the worm must be now that we didn’t have it for dinner!”
“Well… at least we frightened the worm to death! MUAHAHAHA” one said.
“Yes but still there is no dinner for us!”

Finally the two whizzed off with their tremendous and well detailed wings to their tree branch for a little nap. One couldn’t wait for tomorrow night! “It’ll be a gigantic night tomorrow!” one yawned...

During writing our group focused on a story called Leap Of Faith. But instead we wrote our own versions  of  it. In   my piece of writing I  tried my best to use  very powerful vocabulary and the  FANBOYS conjunction. This story talks about two  nocturnal owls who are awake  at night in search of their prey.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Blog Commenting

These are the blog comments I have made to a boy called Kurt who attends Paparoaroa Ranges School and has fabulous work. Miki, Alex and I have commented on Kurt's blog to give him feedback and feed forward to help him with his vocab and small details.

My Waka Huia

Today our tech group focused on completing our drawings of the traditional waka huia and the contemporary waka huia. We learnt and researched things about the traditional and contemporary waka huia. Did you know that the waka huia is a traditional Maori treasure. I used cultural and Maori patterns/desgins to draw this waka huia.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Our Skeletal System

Today for inquiry our task was to get into a group of four or five... my group was Angela, Hajera, Chavda and Joel (including me)... In our groups we collaborated and worked hard to create two human figurines out of play doh to compare or make a comparison of having no tooth picks or bones and having bones. The first looked very flat and weak, the second looked very bulky and strong. Our groups tried to make the boneless figurine stand but couldn't... We then tried out the other figurine and it stood still. 

Why Animals And Humans Need Bones: 
Why? because we would end up in big blob... we wouldn't even be able or have the ability to move freely! this is  why us humans and animals really need bones... here is a more scientific word (I'd think that nurses and doctors use this word too!) and it is... the 
skeletal system... There is also a short photo animation of my group putting and making the figurine stand... and the bulky one sit on the white board...

My Groups Blogs:
AngelaChavda, Hajera and Joel (including me)...

- Viva

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

9 Times Tables - How I Solved The Problem...


Today in our maths groups we were focusing on our nine time tables. This learning is showing my way of thinking to solve the 9 times tables... above I have inserted a short video to show you how I solved it and how my thinking solved the problem... Please click the video to see what I did. You could also read the piece of math writing...

Friday, 18 May 2018

Tamaki College - Tech Reflection

Today while we were at tech my group created a google document (doc) to answer the questions about the Waka Huia... This is a traditional treasuring and family legends box. We made a comparison of the traditional and contemporary waka huia... The differences of these were that the traditional had more carvings/detail,  huia feathers and pendant... The other (contemporary) had less detail, was modern looking/simple and paint only... When we finished part one we then moved on to part two which was to sketch a waka huia on a piece of white A4 paper... 

Tongan And English Body Names...

Today I have been working and trying to translate English words of body parts into Tongan names for our body part  

Thursday, 17 May 2018

What Is A Metaphor?

Today our task was to create a DLO explaining what a metaphor. I also used examples (E.g) to help you understand what I am talking about. What is a metaphor? is the main question. I have 2 definitions of what a metaphor is so you could and can understand.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Poetry - Two day wonder

This is called juxtaposition.  Look this word up in the dictionary and copy the definition here.
Two opposites side by side for effect….

Write your own version.
Using: Waking up in the morning. Coming to school in summer / winter.

Day 1 Summer:
Waking up early in the morning getting ready for school and listening to the birds singing jubilantly in the trees.
Outside I look. I see vibrant colors, clear skies and people driving with the laughter and delight.  Faces were sticking
out from the window of the cars with joy and excitement like Santa Claus had been seen. Letting my imagination
run wild like a horse in world war 1 running for its life. The joy I felt oh goody old me. I felt like I was obsessed
with summer mornings. Seeing people lounge and relax under the pine trees, to enjoy their delicious sandwiches
and kids eating their divine apple pies…

Day 2 Winter:

Waking up early in the cold and gloomy morning grumpily changing into my school uniform and glaring at the
clock to see every second, minute and hour I have spent changing… and as I get into the car people beeping
and stressed out at the end of our house driveway… getting stalked by the rain all the way to school. And
feeling despondent and uninterested in the world. When we got to school I spot people walking depressed
and low spirited in to their classrooms...

Friday, 11 May 2018


Do you know what 'homonyms' are? take a quick read of my examples I have written down for you to give you a little hint of what I mean... Homonyms are words such as trip, jumper, jam and band... if there are other homonyms you can think of please comment down below what they are...

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Kiwi Can

Today at Kiwi Can our theme was integrity and our topic was doing the right thing when no one is looking. The games we'd played was doing the opposite of what our teachers or leaders of kiwi can were doing. We had great fun learning about how to make good choices or doing the right thing when no one is looking...


Today our focus for inquiry was to learn what our seven (7) life processes are. They are Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Growth Reproduction, Excretion and Nutrition. In order to survive or keep alive you MUST have these seven (7) life processes. Before we did this we talked about the things that could be and aren't alive... like plants, cars, chairs other thing you think could be and can't/aren't alive.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The Bulford Kiwi

This is the Bulford kiwi. This kiwi is made up of white chalk and was made or created by a number of soldiers. A soldier called Harry was one of the soldiers who made the Buford kiwi. This kiwi was made in 1919 in England, above the military town of Buford on Salisbury. 


Today our task for reading was to create a DLO about a book called Harry's War. This book is about a man called Harry who during the war is back a the farm looking after the animals. A man comes to the farm and tells him that he is expected at war. He takes a long journey to the Feather - son War Camp to train so he could have the ability to survive in the war. They travel to England using a sailing boat. When the troop or soldiers get there the war is over because the other troop or soldiers that they were fighting didn't make it there. So that men't that they'd won but didn't do anything to win. Fruistraighted the soldiers were the captain of the troop kept them busy by getting them to build the Bulford kiwi. This kiwi can be found in England, on Beacon Hill, above the military town of Buford on Salisbury. 

Friday, 4 May 2018

My Math Strategy

Today we were focusing on using different strategies to solve a maths problem.

The Unfinished Drink

This poem is about a soldier who lost his life while fighting in the war and talks about how he didn't return home to his family. His name was La tour mollet or even Ted he was 35 years old when he had fallen or lost his life. Up above there is a photo of him, the train the army set off on and the bottle of beer he didn't get to finish. The reason why he didn't get to finish his drink was because he went to war at 7:00 am in the morning. The name of his drink was ballens ale. Until then not that many soldier returned to see their families. He was one of the soldiers that didn't return. That men't he didn't return to finish of his drink. Now his drink still remains unfinished. The drink represent him and give a lot of memories. At the end of the story I felt sad and happy at the same time. The bright side was that the bottle beer still remains these days. And the down side is that he lost his life fighting in the war.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Memorial - Lothian, Australian Book

Yesterday in reading, we were focusing on a book called 'Memorial' illustrated by Gary Crew and written by Shawn Tan... I chose the family tree because it shows who the characters are and how they'er related. The person I worked with collaboratively was Joel. The characters in this book are Great Granddad, Great Grand Mother, Grand Dad, Grand Mother, Mum, Dad and the Son - Narrator... We found the information in the book by reading the book and listing the main points of the book.