Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Our Skeletal System

Today for inquiry our task was to get into a group of four or five... my group was Angela, Hajera, Chavda and Joel (including me)... In our groups we collaborated and worked hard to create two human figurines out of play doh to compare or make a comparison of having no tooth picks or bones and having bones. The first looked very flat and weak, the second looked very bulky and strong. Our groups tried to make the boneless figurine stand but couldn't... We then tried out the other figurine and it stood still. 

Why Animals And Humans Need Bones: 
Why? because we would end up in big blob... we wouldn't even be able or have the ability to move freely! this is  why us humans and animals really need bones... here is a more scientific word (I'd think that nurses and doctors use this word too!) and it is... the 
skeletal system... There is also a short photo animation of my group putting and making the figurine stand... and the bulky one sit on the white board...

My Groups Blogs:
AngelaChavda, Hajera and Joel (including me)...

- Viva

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  1. A superb example of creative collaboration Viva. Your group worked really well together and were all able to share your understanding of the skeletal system with your interesting facts. Did you enjoy making the gif?