Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Today our task for reading was to create a DLO about a book called Harry's War. This book is about a man called Harry who during the war is back a the farm looking after the animals. A man comes to the farm and tells him that he is expected at war. He takes a long journey to the Feather - son War Camp to train so he could have the ability to survive in the war. They travel to England using a sailing boat. When the troop or soldiers get there the war is over because the other troop or soldiers that they were fighting didn't make it there. So that men't that they'd won but didn't do anything to win. Fruistraighted the soldiers were the captain of the troop kept them busy by getting them to build the Bulford kiwi. This kiwi can be found in England, on Beacon Hill, above the military town of Buford on Salisbury. 

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