Thursday, 29 March 2018

Duffy Books

Yesterday at assembly we were kindly given Duffy books. My 2 books are Tom Gates (Family, Friends, Furry creatures and my school project) and Geronimo Stilton (The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz)... 

Seeing It From Both Sides

My group (Nyjah, Fui, Shakaia, Hajera and I) have completed our reading task that was set for us to do. The book we were summarizing and talking about was Te Tohu - The Signing Of The Treaty... The google drawing we made/created talks about the benefits and the Negatives... 

Stephen Hawking

Last week our class was focused on finding interesting facts and about Stephen Hawking...  Stephen Hawking is known for publishing books, making an guest appearance in the big bang theory and for being a physicist... Do you know what a physicist is? click the slide above to find out...

Monday, 26 March 2018

2 Words 1 minute - Winter Olympics


This year the winter Olympics was held in Pyeongchang which is in south Korea.
This happened in February the 9th to February the 25th. There were teams
contributing in this event from other countries. They were showing respect,
excellence and good sportsmanship. There were lot of teams wearing equipment for many
different types of winter sports. Most of the sport were on ice and snow. I saw that there
was lot of practice put into the sport. The countries taking part in this event were
Canada, China, Africa, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Russia including New Zealand and
other countries coming to compete. The theme was passion connected. There were
winners and there were athletes losing. Each team tried hard and put in lots of effort.
There was lots cheering and enthusiasm from the audience. The sports that was played was
ice hockey, figure skating, the luge, skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding and the skeleton.
My favorite sports that  was played were figure skating and ice hockey. My least favorite sport
(because it is dangerous looking) was the luge…

179 words written down...

Today we used the ‘2 words 1 minute’ challenge to write a description about the Winter Olympics. After talking in pairs about the things we knew about the winter Olympics we created a list of words (vocabulary) that would help us write our description. We chose the words ‘equipment’ and ‘respect’ to help us think about what we were going to write.

We talked about ideas with a partner, then we had 1 minute to put those ideas into sentences.
We had to try our best to use all the words on our vocab list. After the minute was up we had 2 minutes
to reread what we had written and make changes if anything didn’t make sense or if we had words
and punctuation in the wrong place. When we finished checking we had 2 more minutes to carry
on writing our descriptions.

The highlighted words are the words I used from my word list. I did well in making sure my sentences made sense. I need to remember to focus on using the words on the list that describes the Pyeong Chang Olympics.

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Let Me Tell You Something About The Winter Olympics...

Let me tell you about the winter Olympics that was held in south Korea - Pyongchang. This event started on the 9th of February and ended on the 25th. There were 92 countries competing to win the gold, silver and bronze medals.
The sports that was played was Figure skating, Ice hockey, the Biathlon, the luge, snowboarding, Skiing, freestyle skiing, curling, Alpine skiing, short track speed skating and ski jumping.

What we did to write about the winter Olympics was Joel and I were given 5 minutes to talk about the words that we thought that we should add in to describe what sport was played and when this event happened. Joel and I looked carefully at it to see if the piece of writing made sense to both of us.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Place Value Strategy


Today I have completed the task that was set for me this morning. What I did to solve this problem was I used a place value strategy.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Aretha Franklin's Song RESPECT

Today I have complete a CARE award. My CARE award was to research the Aretha Franklin's RESPECT song. 

Friday, 2 March 2018

How To Become An Agent Of Change

This week our class's main focus was how to become an agent of change. To find out how to become an agent of change was to find the main thing that you find something that can change about your learning. The main thing that I am going to try to do this year is to complete tasks that are set for me everyday. The other thing I'm going to try hard to do this year is to have the confidence to speak in front of people. How are you going to become an agent of change in your learning?