Thursday, 28 September 2017

School Production

Yesterday (Wednesday 27th of September), we all gathered around in the hall with our friends and families. Staying Alive went on stage first for their dance, After that I See Red walked onto the stage and started doing their dancing, we finally walked onto the stage happily and excited. When the song started we all started at the same time. When it became Fraidoons and my turn cartwheeling on stage. I felt a little bit nervous when I ran up to cartwheel. At the end of our dance my brothers class went on stage with their fancy clothing and started dancing. I started cheering on their dance group until they had finished. When the pacifica group jumped on stage I carried on cheering on for my friends just like I did for my brothers dance group. At the end of the production (celebrating the school ages) we all quickly ran to our parents and started talking about the whole production over and over again. The production was a very fun idea that the staff came up with. Thank you to my two teachers and the staff for organizing everything for the whole school and the parents that have come.

Kiwi Can Group B

Today after morning tea we went to kiwi can. The warm up game that we played was hand soccer my group and the other group were trying hard to win but unfortunately we lost.

Election Kahoot

Yesterday Nazella and Fraidon both their own kahoot. Some of the questions were a bit tricky but most of it was easy. The kahoot quiz was fun and interesting and fun.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Food Advertising

Last week we were talking about the ways that people can get you to buy their unhealthy foods. And how they rearrange the food to make it look perfect. 

"Princess Bride" Shot Types

Last week we were learning and talking about different shot types, the shot types that I chose were 'wide shots' and 'close up shots (CU shots)'. I found this activity interesting to talk about. 

Monday, 25 September 2017


Today we were talking and learning about what the word "Coalition" Javeylor, Mishaan Joshua and I worked as  team to finish this DLO.  The word coalition is a smaller group  supporting and joining the bigger group so that the bigger group could win the vote. 

Friday, 22 September 2017

Scale Drawing

                                  22 Sep 2017 13:54:02.jpg
Today I have finished my scale drawing. The picture that I chose to draw was Twilight (the my little pony character). I have enjoyed this very much. I found this a little bit hard but mostly easy. This took me 4 weeks to finish because I was still stuck on my grids, you probably can't see my grids that much because of the purple I chose for the background. The name plate wasn't that hard to do.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Today my group and I worked as a team to create this DLO. It took us not long to get it finished and on each one of our blogs. 

Prime Minister

Today Magenta,Sky, Jorja, Nickaela  and I worked on the prime minster that used to run New Zealand. 

Government Votes

Today my group and I were working on this padlet. this padlet mostly asks questions about the government votes. 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Read An Ebook Day

Today the class was enjoying the website called read an Ebook day. I found a lot of my favorite books, like the dork diary's and the diary of a wimpy kid book. This website has allowed me to read most of my favorite books that I have been longing to read. We used the tamaki overdrive website. The website celebrates reading.For more information click on the link down below. 

                                                                    About the book

The book I have read was called Dork diaries frenimies forever. This book mostly talks about life in North Hampton Hills. this book is written by 

Friday, 8 September 2017

Food Tech At Tamaki College-Spaghetti Pies

This morning our class went to Tamaki College for tech. Nickaela, Joshua V and I worked as a team to create 12 Spaghetti  pies. These were very easy to make because everyone in our group knew what to do. These pies were very delicious. 

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Lions In The Garden (The Book That I Choose)

Today we used the Tamaki College website called Tamaki College Overdrive. I found my favorite book series, the book I have read today is called Lions In The Garden, this book was written by Chelsea Luna. So far this book has been interesting and gave me Ideas!... 

Kiwi Can Session

Today we had our Kiwi Can session with Mr Malu and Mrs Latoia. We talked about taking risks. The word risk defines the word chance. Our warm up game was called  Bip Bop Bounce. We had to split up into two group so the boys had their own circle and the girls had their own.  The  rules for this game is that if the person in the middle of the circle  said to any person in the circle "bip bop bounce"... then that person has to say "bang" before that person ever said "bounce" to stay safe from loosing. The other warm up game was called Hand Soccer. This game was very fun and hard at the same time because you had to use you hand to touch or hit the ball and also trying to hit the ball into the goal was harder than I thought! because there were a whole lot of people in the way. These activities were just like excising and they were fun.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Learning To Use Synonyms

This morning Mrs Anderson's writing group created a poster showing examples of synonyms. A synonym is a word meaning the same but a more powerful word than the boring word that everyone uses.  I also found out that it was hard using new words that I didn't know of and how to spell. We used google dictionary to find these words. Using new words were better and it made the sentence more powerful. This was a very fun activity trying to find another word meaning the same but more powerful and a word that we didn't know of.  

Monday, 4 September 2017

Read Theory

This morning I did read theory. When I log on and answer questions my knowledge starts grows even more bigger than it was before and I learn about things that I didn't know of. It's helped me know how to comprehend texts and it even helps me with my vocabulary. Read theory helps me improve my reading. 

Friday, 1 September 2017

Food Tech (Cooking)

Today for cooking (our new rotation) we made milkshakes!, this activity was very fun. We used; Milk, Whipped cream, chocolate syrup, crushed Oreo's, Oreo cream and Ice cream. This was very delicious and enjoyable!. My group of three was Nikaela and Joshua V. We all organised what we needed and so did Savelina's group. This was very fun.