Monday, 28 May 2018

Leap Of Faith

Leap Of Faith...

As the sun set, the two owls were getting organized for the night. They scanned the sky to make sure there were no predators out soaring for a tasty dinner, perhaps and hopefully not them. The two took off in the rhythm of the wind…

The two soared in the clear sky insearch of their prey. While gazing down at the muddy and gloomy ground for insects such as worms, snails, beetles, grasshoppers, crickets (not the sport but the bug), praying mantis and many other insects/bugs.

As the two owlets were relaxing they’d finally spotted a long, muddy worm. They looked at each other eye to eye like they’d both entered a staring competition and knew that only one of them would be able to eat it. Silently they agreed on a race, the winner would get to eat the worm. No-one moved as they continued to stare at each other, each one hoping they would get the chance to have it to themselves.

Both swooped down as fast as Flash. But No one caught the worm! How anxious and despondent the two were! The worm felt its heart was beating like a scotching race car. The worm turned into the luckiest of them all...
“That worm was very lucky!” one said.
“Wriggly worm must have been very frightened at how focused we were!” the other said with a smile. “How jubilant the worm must be now that we didn’t have it for dinner!”
“Well… at least we frightened the worm to death! MUAHAHAHA” one said.
“Yes but still there is no dinner for us!”

Finally the two whizzed off with their tremendous and well detailed wings to their tree branch for a little nap. One couldn’t wait for tomorrow night! “It’ll be a gigantic night tomorrow!” one yawned...

During writing our group focused on a story called Leap Of Faith. But instead we wrote our own versions  of  it. In   my piece of writing I  tried my best to use  very powerful vocabulary and the  FANBOYS conjunction. This story talks about two  nocturnal owls who are awake  at night in search of their prey.


  1. Hi Viva,
    These paragraphs look great they describe about having faith and taking the first Leap. This is amazing the writing is explaining about a story that you wrote. You have put in interesting words to make your story Powerful. Well done Viva keep it up.

  2. Thank you Joel for you positive comment on my leap of faith story. Looking forwards to seeing some more of your fabulous work too!

    - Kind Regards Viva