Monday, 10 December 2018

Steampunk Art / Queen Victoria

Last week our class was focusing on Steampunk art. I found this interesting, Why? because the steampunk art is when you combine organisms with machinery! this is also hand drawn which make everything a lot easier when adding more details. I got the idea of drawing a reindeer and a christmas tree because it is very close to christmas day! The complicated thing was that the reindeer had loads of detail so what made it easier was copying every part of the body. 

Friday, 9 November 2018

Armistice Day - Drawings

Today I collaborated very well with Fui to create this google drawing of Armistice Day. We both tried our best to create each drawing of a soldier. I had fun drawing the soldiers using polyline and curve. I found it very easy to draw. 

Our Own Armistice Commemoration Day 2018

Today the whole school had our own armistice commemoration for all those who participated in the WW1. One of the members of the army came in to talk to us about what it's like to be in the army and to be away from family for a very long time. I felt very curious on what it would be like for me if I were a soldier. I found everything about the army interesting. I learnt many things about the WW1 (first world war) like how 135 countries took part in the first world war in 1914 - 1918, how over 16 million people lost their lives fighting in the war and how the war began. 

Thursday, 8 November 2018

The Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

Today I collaborated very well with Hajera. She and I read the story and used important information to created our DLO. I have learnt many new things about the unknown soldier, like how he was selected by Brigadier LJ Wyatte and was reburied on March the 4th 1920. Many people were reminded of their loved ones who fought in the world war. 

WW1 Armistice Day - Collage

Today I used my smart searching skills to complete my WW1 collage. I had fun learning about why WW1 took place in 1914. I have also learnt all about why there is armistice day on the 11 of november on the 11 year and on the 11 hour. Many people say that if Archduke Franz Ferdinand wasn't assassinated there wouldn't have been WW1 or 2. Around 135 countries took part the war the main countries  were the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Austria Hungary, Russia and France. Did you know that over 15, 000 soldiers lost their lives because of the conflict? Are you aware that there were 53 nations in WW1? As strange as it may seem many people used 'Bayonets'?  

Sadly any people lied about their ages to fight for their country and their kings and shockingly, 12 year old Sidney Lewis lied about his age and was sadly assassinated during the war. Before having to fight they were living in trenches and ate very hard biscuits that eventually helped them live!

Friday, 26 October 2018

The Highwayman

On Wednesday, I collaborated with Jeremaiah to create this short summary of 'The Highwayman'. I have learnt many words that were used in the past to define many of the modern words. 

Tech - Graphics

Today I have finally completed my charity box for caring for the land. I have enjoyed colouring and getting as creative as I could with my imagination. Our teacher was Mr. Mackenzie Brown. In graphics I learnt how to shade, colour, sketch and draw our fonts.