Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Basic Facts Boxes

Today for maths I picked up my basic facts very fast because I have been using Mr Wong's 'Basic Facts Boxes' spreadsheet. I enjoyed learning how to solve maths problems using my tidy numbers. Many of my answers were correct which I was pleased with very much.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Basic Facts Boxes

Today I have practiced my basic facts using Mr Wong's Basic Facts Boxes. I am starting to find the basic facts easy. I got everything right so far. This is kind of like a game to me because I get something wrong then sometimes I'd get something right. But most of my answers are right.

Bridges - Testing

The last previous weeks and a day ago we tested our bridges. But way before making the bridges, we planned out how we were going to make the bridges and what bridge type it was going to be. 

Willow Opening Sequence

Willow -
Opening Sequence
L. I. - To understand how narrative elements are used in film

Watch the opening sequence…

Answer these questions:

What is a prologue?
A prologue is an introduction to the world building and the main characters (basically mini story before the main movie begins) sets up the Moses story from the bible.

Who are the characters introduced in the prologue? (who are the main characters in the story)
Elora Danan (who is basically going to replace the evil queen) and Queen Bavmorda

What is the setting of the main story?
Snowy Mountains

How is humour used to stop the scene from being too over the top?
“Don’t touch it, you never know where it’s been” the father Elf said… this was because it was a human baby.

Yesterday my class had a film study while the others traveled to the AMI Netball Courts for their tournament. The film we watched was Willow. We learnt many things about the shot types, the introduction, the prologue, the lettering/fonts and George Lucas. I have found this film/movie interesting and fascinating because it had mythical creatures such as elves, dogs that didn't actually look like dogs, The Godwyn and Bavmorda (who has powers). We have also learnt about the types of musics that were used to make the characters stand out more, there was Ominous music used as queen Bavmorda enters the dungeon and Peaceful/Soft music as the Godwyn appears in the light. The clothing also made the characters stand out, why? because the people/creatures wearing white/lightly colored clothing were the goodies or Protagonists and the people/creatures wearing dark colored clothing/ or just black were the baddies or Antagonists. The group of people at my table also enjoyed themselves when watching the movie. Many thanks to Mrs Kirkpatrick for organizing this fun activity for us and many of us enjoyed the film. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Venn Diagram - First Panmure Bridge

Today I collaborated with Joel to create this Venn Diagram. We both worked very hard during this session. We used our smart searching skills to find more information about the first Panmure Bridge. I have learnt many things about this Panmure Bridge. 

Basic Facts Boxes

Today for maths I have been practicing my additions and subtractions using Mr Wong's Basic Facts Boxes Spread Sheet. I have got everything right so far and I am looking forward to completing this mathematical activity/task. I am happy about getting everything right because it shows that I can use a strategy used for solving any maths problem. To solve all of these questions I have used place value HTO (Hundreds, Tens and Ones). 

Monday, 24 September 2018


Today I worked with Joshua V to create this DLO, informing you about when and how to use apostrophe marks. Above in the DLO there are 2 examples that you can read. From what I have watched on the video I can conclude that replacing apostrophes can make the sentence look and sound different but not only that, the sentence will define something else other then the idea you're trying to tell them.