Thursday, 18 October 2018

How The Camel Adapted To The Desert

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Are you aware that a camel can survive in a desert in 45° c temperatures?

Camels live in the deserts where it is very dry and has an unforgiving climate. 

 You might be asking yourself how a camel can survive in the desert? Well, in order for a camel to survive in the desert for a very long time it has extra thick layered pads on each foot and chest, double layered eyelashes, nostrils that can close up to avoid the sand, thin layers of fur on body for shade and webbed feet to prevent it from sinking into the hot sand...

Camels have thick lips so they can eat thorny foods such as twigs, cactus, and many others

Using webbed feet, double layered eyelashes, pads on each foot and chest, thick lips and thin layers of fur will help the camel survive in the desert. Are you aware that a camel can survive in a desert in 45° c temperatures?

Camels live in the deserts where it is very dry and has an unforgiving climate. 

 You might be asking yourself how a camel can survive in the desert? Well, in order for a camel to survive in the desert for a very long time it has extra thick layered pads on each foot and chest, double layered eyelashes, nostrils that can close up to avoid the sand, thin layers of fur on body for shade and webbed feet to prevent a camel from sinking into the hot sand...

Camels have thick lips so they can eat thorny foods such as twigs, cactus, and many others.

Using webbed feet, double layered eyelashes, pads on each foot and chest, thick lips and thin layers of fur will help the camel survive in the desert. Are you aware that a camel can survive in a desert in 45° c temperatures?

Camels live in the deserts where it is very dry and has an unforgiving climate. 

 You might be asking yourself how a camel can survive in the desert? Well, in order for a camel to survive in the desert for a very long time it has extra thick layered pads on each foot and chest, double layered eyelashes, nostrils that can close up to avoid the sand, thin layers of fur on body for shade and webbed feet to prevent a camel from sinking into the hot sand...

Camels have thick lips so they can eat thorny foods such as twigs, cactus, and many others.

Using webbed feet, double layered eyelashes, pads on each foot and chest, thick lips and thin layers of fur will help the camel survive in the desert. 

Yesterday I have been working hard on completing an explanation about camels and how they adapted into the desert. I have learnt many interesting things about camels like why they have thick lips, thin layers of fur, two layered eyelashes, pads on their feet and webbed feet. These are all the parts of the camel's body that helped it adapt to the desert. The one thing I found very interesting was that the camel can drink up to 46 litres of water in just one go! that is the same as 46 1 litre coke bottles. I had fun learning about the camel and what adaptation defines/means.

Shake Out!

Today is 'Shake Out Day', our class learnt many things about this special and vital event. I have enjoyed collaborating with Fui and strategizing how we are going to keep safe when an earthquake happens/takes place.  

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Nelson Mandela / Peace

Today and yesterday Hajera and I have been working extra hard on this presentation to define the word Peace and to inform you about the people that have brought peace to the world. I have enjoyed researching about Nelson Mandela and to find out what peace means to me. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Basic Facts Boxes

Today for maths I picked up my basic facts very fast because I have been using Mr Wong's 'Basic Facts Boxes' spreadsheet. I enjoyed learning how to solve maths problems using my tidy numbers. Many of my answers were correct which I was pleased with very much.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Basic Facts Boxes

Today I have practiced my basic facts using Mr Wong's Basic Facts Boxes. I am starting to find the basic facts easy. I got everything right so far. This is kind of like a game to me because I get something wrong then sometimes I'd get something right. But most of my answers are right.

Bridges - Testing

The last previous weeks and a day ago we tested our bridges. But way before making the bridges, we planned out how we were going to make the bridges and what bridge type it was going to be. 

Willow Opening Sequence

Willow -
Opening Sequence
L. I. - To understand how narrative elements are used in film

Watch the opening sequence…

Answer these questions:

What is a prologue?
A prologue is an introduction to the world building and the main characters (basically mini story before the main movie begins) sets up the Moses story from the bible.

Who are the characters introduced in the prologue? (who are the main characters in the story)
Elora Danan (who is basically going to replace the evil queen) and Queen Bavmorda

What is the setting of the main story?
Snowy Mountains

How is humour used to stop the scene from being too over the top?
“Don’t touch it, you never know where it’s been” the father Elf said… this was because it was a human baby.

Yesterday my class had a film study while the others traveled to the AMI Netball Courts for their tournament. The film we watched was Willow. We learnt many things about the shot types, the introduction, the prologue, the lettering/fonts and George Lucas. I have found this film/movie interesting and fascinating because it had mythical creatures such as elves, dogs that didn't actually look like dogs, The Godwyn and Bavmorda (who has powers). We have also learnt about the types of musics that were used to make the characters stand out more, there was Ominous music used as queen Bavmorda enters the dungeon and Peaceful/Soft music as the Godwyn appears in the light. The clothing also made the characters stand out, why? because the people/creatures wearing white/lightly colored clothing were the goodies or Protagonists and the people/creatures wearing dark colored clothing/ or just black were the baddies or Antagonists. The group of people at my table also enjoyed themselves when watching the movie. Many thanks to Mrs Kirkpatrick for organizing this fun activity for us and many of us enjoyed the film. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Venn Diagram - First Panmure Bridge

Today I collaborated with Joel to create this Venn Diagram. We both worked very hard during this session. We used our smart searching skills to find more information about the first Panmure Bridge. I have learnt many things about this Panmure Bridge. 

Basic Facts Boxes

Today for maths I have been practicing my additions and subtractions using Mr Wong's Basic Facts Boxes Spread Sheet. I have got everything right so far and I am looking forward to completing this mathematical activity/task. I am happy about getting everything right because it shows that I can use a strategy used for solving any maths problem. To solve all of these questions I have used place value HTO (Hundreds, Tens and Ones). 

Monday, 24 September 2018


Today I worked with Joshua V to create this DLO, informing you about when and how to use apostrophe marks. Above in the DLO there are 2 examples that you can read. From what I have watched on the video I can conclude that replacing apostrophes can make the sentence look and sound different but not only that, the sentence will define something else other then the idea you're trying to tell them. 

Friday, 21 September 2018

Graphics Reflection - Tamaki College

Today for graphics we all were finishing off our names using pictures and block letters. I used lots of color to make my art work pop, I also used many images from google to draw my name. I tried my best to make my art work look good. Art inspired me to keep up drawing and sketching. Learning how to shade in, color in between the lines and to out line my drawings light with pencil and dark outlining with a black colored pencil to make the picture stand out.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Playing Basketball Against Glen Taylor

Image result for silhouette basketball
Yesterday at Tamaki College Panmure Bridge School team green (my team) competed against Glen Taylor. We all were participating in the hard game and passing to every person that wasn't being defended (free) and learning from each of our mistakes. I learnt to always seek the people that are free. Although our team lost, we all showed good sportsmanship.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Basic Facts Maths Challenge

Today for maths I have been challenging myself using Mr Wong's Addition and Subtraction Facts by answering the Addition questions. I have started in my subtraction and so far I have got all of them right. The screenshot I have taken above is to prove that I have challenged myself. 

Friday, 14 September 2018

Assembly - Te Reo Maori Language Week

Today for Te Reo Maori Language Week, Sky and Christopher presented using the Maori Language. They were both proud of their culture, language and land. Both of them stood up in confidence when speaking in front of the whole school. I hope you have a 'Happy Maori Language Week'.

Blog Commenting On Miko's Blog

Today I have commented on Miko's Poem blog post. He has done a fantastic job on describing the sand! I am obsessed with the way he has described and used personification and some conjunctions to make his poem sound very interesting and adventure taking!

Tech At Tamaki College With Mr Pineda

Today for graphics at tech, our group learnt how to shade, sketch and draw letters in our names. We also learnt how to use pictures/images to draw our names in the small boxes. Doing graphics was fun because we were allowed to let our imaginations go wild by sketching, drawing and coloring.

Blog Commenting

Today I have kindly commented on Kurt's blog. I commented on Random Act Of Kindness because I really saw and read that he did really lovely things to earn a silver bar but not only to achieve this goal but to be very kind and loving to those in need. Being kind to me isn't just a goal you need to reach but a quality (or part) of life. Kurt really has out done himself by being kind and generous. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Vector Wero White Water Park Trip

Image result for vector wero

Today straight after morning tea, a whole group of people including me went on a trip to the Vector Wero White Water Park. We learnt what to do if you come across a dangerous river. I learnt that when crossing a river with rough currents using a triangle shaped/figure. I grouped up with Mele, Savelina Fui and Joel. We all in a group managed to form a strong triangle. We tried our best to get across to the other side without using a bridge. We then went back in the same form (of a triangle) and I unfortunately fell into the water. My team mates pulled extra hard to get me up and out of the water fast. I eventually managed to get out fast. Learning a lot helped me because I will be able to tell if the river is dangerous or safe enough to cross. Thank you to the bus driver for taking us there and huge thank you to the people at Wero Vector for paying a tone of money for us to go on this fun trip.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

PBS Young Builders (PBS YB) - Bridge Constructing

Today and the last previous weeks my group have been planning to build a strong bridge that would span from point A to point B. We've took a long time to build these bridge because we only used toothpicks, ho glue gun and PVA glue. We have learnt so many things about why people build bridges and why they'd used triangles. The reason why people use triangle when bridge building is because a triangle has equal weighted sides and because each side and point is the same measurement.

Fractions (Math Games)

Today for maths I have played Finding A Fraction game. This game helped me a lot with finding the right answer and the strategy. I learnt how to add fractions and how to use my strategy. Here is one of the questions and the strategy I used to solve it:
3/9 of 81 = __
81 divided by 9  officially gives me = 9 because 9 x 9 = 81... then 3 x 9 = which gives me 27... so 3/9 of 81 is equal to = 27...


Today I have got a passing score for answer as many questions I could right in read theory. Read theory has helped me boost my confidence in reading books. This is very good practice for people who really enjoy reading and tests. Each question you get right you move up a grade.

Basic Facts Boxes - Addition

Today for maths everyone played the Basic Facts Boxes that was kindly made by Mr Wong. Some people found this game challenging and some didn't! I was one of them (the people who didn't find it challenging). I found having to add 2 digit numbers quite easy once I  had my practice. Can you answer this question? 75 + 37 = ___
Write down in the comments what you think the answer is!

Friday, 7 September 2018

Tongan Language Week - Assembly

Today for assembly Freeman and I presented. We were both so proud of our culture that we even spoke Tongan! wearing the traditional Tongan clothing made me feel very different from all the others in the school. I have had fun speaking in Tongan and sharing our culture with others in the school. Happy Tongan Language Week!

Thursday, 6 September 2018

The Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra Trip

Today our class (LS2) went to the Town Hall in Auckland City, the Town Hall is a place where the people who educated a Auckland University graduate. We all heard the ominous and peaceful music. We have watched the children that educate at St Kent's and Ngatapawae preform their dances. First off we listened to an Opera Sing. Then we watched the St Kent's Romeo and Juliet performance/dance. We all heard different kinds of instruments like: A trumpet, trombone, tuba, french horn, brass, Flutes, Oboe, bassoon, piccolo, clarinet, violins, violas, cello and a double bass. We all saw the conductor (which is the person who guides the musicians. He conducted very softly, slow, loud and fast. We all enjoyed the dancing and music.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Tongan Language Week

Today I collaborated with my dear brother Sione. Together we have created a google presentation which informs people about this week! I have written in 2 traditional recipes so you can enjoy Tongan Language week too! Thank you and happy Tongan Language Week!

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Learning About Bridges With Yvonne's Team


Today Mrs Anderson's Inquiry group collaborated with Yvonne and the research team   from the Augmented Human Lab at Auckland University. My group started off with the Magic Window which was an interactive activity. What I have learnt from this was that back in the days before the Panmure Bridge was built people used punts to get across the Tamaki River, did they paddle across? No, because people used special chains that helped the people in the punt. Usually people took too long to pull the long and rusty chains because their hands would weaken and get tired of physically pulling themselves across to the other side. After all that the people said that the chains are rusting and the boats are breaking down. Finally the mayor said that there should be a bridge constructed. The bridge was constructed using wood, steel and piles. The piles were used to strengthen the bridge deck. The wood was used because there was no such thing as heavy metal or cast iron and the steel, the steel that made the bridge swing open came from Sydney, Australia. It had come already made which made it easy to bolt onto the bridge. Our group was very lucky to have an opportunity to participate in this unique research. 

Monday, 3 September 2018

The Hunger Games

Today for reading we are completing each of our trailers for the books we've chosen from our school library. I chose The Hunger Games book because I've seen each episode and movie but I just found it boring to watch the movie so I decided to read the book. I predict that in the next chapter Katniss Everdeen will save her young sister Prim from going to the Tributes. If she saves her young sister from going to the tributes I would think that Katniss saw that she was too young to go to the tributes, Prim is only 12 years old. 

Ps: Stay tuned to watch my trailer of The Hunger Games...

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Venn Diagram - New Zealand And Sydney Harbor Bridge

Today I have created a Venn Diagram to compare the Harbor Bridge here in New Zealand and the Harbor Bridge in Sydney. From this I have learnt that the Harbor bridge in Sydney can be used for special events like the Opera and Vivid Events. The similes between these two bridges is that they both have colorful lights that can be used to celebrate special days, weeks and years. Both of them can hold many vehicles such as trucks, cars, vans and motor bikes. They both help people drive their vehicles from point A to point B. If there were no bridges around people here in New Zealand would use punts and long chains, sailing boats or even swim over to the other side. 

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The Harbor Bridge

Today I have collaborated with my inquiry partner Joshua V. We have made this presentation to inform you about the Harbor Bridge. From this topic, I have learnt about its shape, why they'd made it wider and when the bridge was made. I have also learnt that the Harbor Bridge is the biggest coat hanger in New Zealand.

The Panmure Bridge Timeline

Today and the previous weeks my inquiry group have been learning about the Panmure Bridge and when it was made too! we each made a presentation informing others around our globe about the Panmure Bridge using pictures. I have been collaborating with others to learn more about this interesting bridge.

Decimals - Rounding + Compensating

Today and for the past few weeks I have been learning all about how to add and subtract decimals and decimal points. I have noticed every time I buy something in the shop that the shopkeepers also use decimals. But don't worry, because I have a clear explanation and example of how to use, add and subtract decimals. Click each link to see examples and answers.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Cooking Pizza With Mrs Tu'ipulotu

Today our class (LS2) went to Tamaki College for tech, we made Hawaiian pizza. The ingredients we used were: Pita bread, tomato sauce, cheese, diced ham, diced onion and chicken. We baked the pizzas for 15 minutes and put the oven at 180 I collaborated with Brooklyn to make these pizzas.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Class LS2's Trip To... The Sky Tower

Today was an awesome day! why? this was because our class went on a trip to the sky tower. What have I learnt from this trip? I have learnt that there are 3 main decks in the sky tower which is the observation deck (the deck that has the 3 metered thick flooring of glass and the diagonal window which allows you to observe each tower in Auckland City), the bar and cafe deck (where you can buy food and drinks for the family) and finally but not least the emergency deck. The deck I found very fascinating and this would be an odd one the emergency deck, why this deck? well, it depended on the material that was used on this deck, I was amazed at the fire proof walls and doors. My second favorite deck was the observation deck, this is because I loved the 3 metered think flooring of glass (which kind of made me dizzy) everyone tried as hard as they could to break the thick glass but was no use! I jumped up and down the glass and punched but still wouldn't crack! PS: We were not trying to break the glass we were just testing it out. I have also learnt that if the wind blows twice as hard as the normal it would bend 1 meter side ways, my gigantic question was "does the sky tower ever get struck and collapse?" the answer to this was yes, but it certainly does not collapse. Did you know that going down the lift take 40 - 41 seconds? I also learnt that the sky tower once opened in 1997 and costed $2 million just to open it! one more thing I learnt is that the sky tower is 328 meters and 1,076 feet tall!

What did we do first?
our class separated into our kiwi can group A and B. We watched an question answering film about the sky tower, which gave me an idea of the sky tower and when it opened. We then got in the lift and went up to the observation deck to fill out the papers/forms we were given straight after the film, we filled out the numbered boxes which pointed an arrow to the volcanoes, towers and more! I filled out nearly half of my form. My eyes were focused on the thick glass because every time someone put one foot on it I would always get me thinking: Is it going to break is it going to break!?. One other thing that scared me was the  sky diving from the top of the tower to the bottom which was 192 meters down! I would scream as loud as I can all the way to the bottom of the sky tower. Cool right?

Vital Sleeping - Group A

Why is sleep important? well, group A have the answer to that. Together in our group created a presentation that gives a clear explanation of why sleep is so important, how long do we humans need to sleep, why sleeping is healthy and how technology or devices affect our sleep patterns. Savelina and I have worked on the final/last slide to inform you about the 3 main or vital reasons why people/children might not get the same amount of sleep as the people with roofs over their heads! But... before all of this, our group took a look at pictures that involve the homes of the people that can or cannot sleep. 

Monday, 20 August 2018

Scale Drawings

The whole of last week was maths week, our fun activity was scale drawing. I thought that last year wasn't as good as this years scale drawing, this was because I rushed my drawing. I have learned from the mistakes I have made and to always take my time when drawing in each box. First our class searched for images to draw. Then we were given a piece of paper that had a butterfly or a simple drawn lion to practice drawing. After practicing I got a bigger piece of paper to enlarge the drawing, but before we could enlarge the image we framed the actual image and drew 1 a  centimeter grid. We used a scale factor (which is multiplication or division), we added 1 more to get 2 centimeters so we can enlarge the image by making the grid bigger. We then made a google drawing and put in our names, ratio and title (Scale Drawing). We glued it onto a big piece of colored paper. 

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Going To The Beach Pechaflikr


Today my writing group have learnt about pechaflikr, to me doing pechaflikr was quite hard, I paired up with Hajera, we started of with a practice. After that Hajera and I have created a pechaflikr DLO. We both collaborated by, sharing what we thought, and trying our best to use unique words to make each and every image hold hands/link together to make the story flow. Hajera and I have used adjectives, adverbs and verbs, to make our made up story paint a clear picture in the readers mind, my main goal was to show not tell, and not just show, I meant show!. As we were making this slide/presentation I always thought to myself, how hard is it going to be for the reader? now I think that it'll surely be harder than the first time I did it!

By working collaboratively with Hajera, I have learnt many things like, how to link paragraphs with other paragraphs and to share new ideas that come to mind.

What is Pechaflikr?
Pechaflikr is when you try your best to come up with quick stories to link each image to let the story flow.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Yvonne's Experiment

 Do you want to travel all around the world or even out of space? A fun person called Yvonne made the impossible be possible! by using google cardboard, which is interestingly made out of cardboard and thick plastic lenses, it works like magic! my teacher Ms Anderson  slid her phone into the long phone shaped oblong, from there I presses a silver button to take me to places around the world, without paying for high priced flights! I suggest that you should try this out for yourselves! I have found this experiment fun and interesting, thanks to: Yvonne and Mrs Anderson. - V2 (VR)  (virtual reality viewer 2) 

Blog Commenting - Paparoa Ranges

Today after kiwi can, we quad blogged with Paparoa Ranges School. I blog commented on Kurt Berry's blog and Bianca's too, starting a conversation was fun to do. I commented on Kurt berry's Cooking DLO and Bianca's My Holiday blog post.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

CARE Awards - Angelica Hale

Today, as part of my goal setting I have creatively made a DLO (digital learning object) talking about the difficulties and positive attitudes my role model has, the person I decided to talk about was Angelica Hale, Why? because she has been respectful, confident, has shown resilience etc. She is a good role model to me, this is because my passion is singing and that she has qualities a good role model has.

Butter Chicken - Tech

Today for tech, we created butter chicken, which was made using: cream, chicken, onions, the butter chicken sauce flavor and a pinch of salt.

Monday, 6 August 2018

Cook Island Language Week

Last week was currently Cook Island language week, since it was Cook Island language week our class task was to create a digital learning object that informs people around our globe/world about Cook Island and gives out interesting facts about this place. 

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Tuhi Atu Tuhi Mai

Today we did some quad blogging with Karoro School. Here I learnt many things about Refugees and Battles. I posted to positive and helpful comments on Sam's blog. I gave  him some feedback and feed forward on how to make his story make sense to other readers that post and read on his blog. Sam has done a superb job in writing his refugees poem/story. This story talks about how a young boy is against the refugees and if you read it backwards you sure will think that he is for the refugees! I have enjoyed blogging with Sam and I am sure I will be visiting many of his class mates blogs when we blog with them some other time.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018


Today our task for reading was to create a DLO explaining why sleep is vital to us humans, and to answer the question: did our ancestors get enough sleep than us now? in this what is apnea drawing, it talks about the definition of this condition.

Friday, 27 July 2018

My Future Career!

Today, our class focus was the type of  career people would like to have. My first thought was being a 'Cardiac Physiologist', Why? because I would like to save lives and earn as much money as I can to have a good life and to eat healthy things.


Today our class focus for inquiry was 'careers'. Each and everyone in our class learnt what the difference is between careers and jobs. To me, a career is a period of time a person spends in his/her life to earn money and to have progress. We were all choosing careers that people/I would like to have, we did this by using: Neutral, Fairly Interested and Very Interested. If I made it to university (which is my goal) I would learn about a health of a human being and how to avoid babies or make babies stop choking. My goal is to become a nurse because I get to help the ones in need of medicine and healthy foods. Also to get good money for my family to keep healthy and have strong bones. The qualities and skills will be needed: Maths (to be good at measurements of medicine), Reading (to have the ability to know to speak english) and Writing (so my writings/messages) to people will make sense).

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Kiwi Can - Group B

Today at kiwi can, each group in LS2 learnt about resilience this defines/means: never giving up on a goal you want or need to achieve. Our focus was: goal setting. This also relates or links to the definition of resilience.

The Immune System - Viva and Hajera#

Today, our class focused on parts of the human bodies. My group got creative, and made animations to show how our body parts. Here in this animation, I am talking and explaining to you about the immune system. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Algorithms - Maths

Today for maths, each group was given an activity, which is to make a clear understanding or explanation on how to use Algorithms. Here I gave you a maths story which is addition. I hope this strategy make your additional problems easier to solve.

Friday, 6 July 2018

The True Story Behind The'Phare De La Jument’

Today I have worked on this task for our school principle and is a very dramatic event that has happened in the past which was dangerous and very scary. In this blog post I have written in some information about this terrifying event.

Pro's And Con's...

Above in this google draw my group and I (lighthouse group 4 but Harlem isn't in our group but decided to help us with writing the information in each list). But anyway, we have put in two lists of each side which is both against each other. This drawing is kind of like an argument that is held in parliament like the rights and wrongs but there are no right or wrongs in this group argument. Take a read of our learning and see if you can find any ideas that a against each other (other than the ones above)...

Tech - Cooking

Today at food tech, our class made a mince and cheese pie, I worked collaboratively with Brooklyn (who is my partner). Brooklyn and I have been taking turns with frying and dicing. Since today is the very last day of tech and obviously school, we are all going to have pork head and for Matariki celebration which is a belated one. I really want to make the most of this day because it will be the end of school.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

ASB - Save Some, Spend Some And Share Some!

Today after kiwi can, a visitor from the ASB bank of New Zealand came in to teach us about the differences between making wiser choices when it comes to saving money and credit card money. I learnt that the more you spend money on your credit card the more money you need to pay them. There were more things I've learnt about making very wise choices with money by saving up for something you need, keeping it safe for special occasions and many more!

FOR SALE!!! - Minneapolis Lighthouse In The United States! (US)

Today and last week I have worked very hard on this FOR SALE poster, which is showing and telling you all about the positive feature added to this lighthouse. This is to me, a persuading or convincing poster for you to hopefully buy this magnificent lighthouse!

P.S: The Phone number is fake please do NOT call this number thank you...  In formation found from thank you for your interest!

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


Today for Matariki, our whole school celebrated this massive event. Mrs Fire Ode brought sausages and gave them out for free! There were mixtures of cultural dances such as pasifica (I was in this one), Junior kapa haka and the senior kapa haka. First up was the senior kapa haka then second was the junior kapa haka's then and finally the pasifica group  which we did a Cook Island dance (which many boys and girls found very hard to move their legs and waists), after our group dances the whole entire school including the kindergarten stood up and tried to do our dance. Some girls found it very hard at first but then found it easy because they did this dance for a long time. In this photo I inserted was my friends eating sausage sizzles and chatting about how hard the dancing was! 

Chicago Sport Teams

Last week, my group (Kanye, Nyjah, Coree and Jona - Dana) and I created a presentation showing you information about the Chicago sport teams. The team I chose to study on was 'The Chicago Bulls'.  


Today for Matariki, our class and LS1 collaborated very well by having a lot of conversations and participating in every thing, In my group I had Afatia, Victoria and Nickaela. We talked about the celebration and what this massive event means. Everyone enjoyed every step of the way and was jubilant about everything we had on today. Happy Matariki! 

P.S: We really hope you find some unknown facts about this event!

Friday, 29 June 2018

Cooking At Tech - Rock Cakes (Mini)

Today for cooking at tech we cooked rock cakes. My partner Brooklyn, helped me mix and scoop the batter on to the flat cooking tin (looked like a chopping board) but anyways the ingredients were S.R flour, Sugar, An egg and Oil. The measurements were 1 1/2 cup of S.R flour, 1/2 of sugar, 1/2 of cream, 1/4 cup of oil and 1 egg. The equipment used in this project were a rubber scrapper, Large serving spoon, a big measuring bowl, a flat baking tin and an oven (obviously).

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The Lighthouse Poem

This piece of learning is about the Inchcape rock and bell. The characters mentioned in this poem are Sir Ralph the Rover (the finder) who is known as a captain of a pirate crew which sunk because of a dangerous rock called the Inchcape rock.

M&M's Predictions

Today and yesterday Mr Johnston and the class focused on the M&M's history and the color puzzle (missing blue). We all put in the first slide that talked about each person in our groups personal thoughts about the M&M's. First to start with (yesterday) we predicted how many treats/M&M's in each/per packet/pack. Why do you think our M&M's look big and is full of air instead of being filled up with the treats? is it because we need to keep the freshness in or to make the packet look big so many people could buy it? 

Monday, 25 June 2018

Silver Excellence Badge - CARE Awards - Sir Edmund Hillary

Today I have completed an activity that was set for me to earn a CARE Award badge.
This presentation is all about the risk taker named Sir Edmund Hillary.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Tech reflections - Cooking

Today at tech year 8's made chocolate muffins, using vanilla essence, milk, choco chips, 1 egg  and self rising flour.

The measurements:
1 1/2 cup of self rising flour
1/2 a cup of milk
1/4 tsp of vanilla essence
1 egg

silver big bowl
and an oven...

Oven temper:
180 for 15 minutes...

Friday, 15 June 2018

Tech Refection - Cooking

Today for cooking our group made quiche (an vegetable, egg, bacon and pastry pie). My partner was Kanye. We worked collaboratively to create this quiche. You will need an adult to help to dice the ham and take the tin out of the oven.

 4 eggs
1/2 cup of  milk
Diced ham (or you can dice the ham)
Mozzarella cheese
Oil spray none stick

Rolling pin
baking tin


Thursday, 14 June 2018

Kiwi Can Relfection

Today at kiwi can, the value we learn about was Accountability. Our kiwi can leaders talk and teach us about good values like:
Confidence, Attitude, Respect, Excellence and Innovation. The value 'Accountability' means taking responsibility for you own actions, owning up to your mistakes, speaking clearly, focusing on school work (staying on task not going on game sites), being self managed by posting work you need to post on your blog, being set up for success (being organized by keeping chrome book charged), being on time for tech, remembering to bring PE uniform. The challenges we faced were: 2 truths 1 lie (honesty), Copy me (leading by example), our school GKQ and green light. Our kiwi can leaders are Mrs Lily and Mr Matt.