Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Charlotte Anne - 1870s Clothing - New Zealand

Today for inquiry our class got into a group of 4. First we paired up then paired up again to get 4 pupils in a group. We all worked collaboratively to inform people about Charlotte Anne who  wore very odd clothing for a women/female in 1870. She denied the rules and followed what she  did. Charlotte was very hard working person because even it'd been a very bad weather she tried her best to get to work on time and did her work properly. Now in the modern days people made electronics and other things they'd created to make cars because people have struggled to get to school or work on time if they lived far  away or even when the weather was bad looking. Charlotte Anne these days is a pioneer, a pioneer is the first ever person to do something or create. As much as I would like to become a pioneer I can't because I can't think of anything anyone hasn't done, and people have already did everything I can think of. 

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