Thursday, 12 April 2018

What I My Personal Passion?

Today I have completed a CARE award in Excellence and Innovation (innovative). I talked about what my personal passion is. There are three things I am very good at. 

World War One - Summary

Yesterday in our reading groups we learned about the mascots of world war one. The animals that we used in world war one was the donkey, horses, cats, dogs, camels and pigeons. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

First World War One Mascots

Today in our reading groups we were talking about the first world war one mascots and what they are. We all co'operated very well by talking, sharing and getting our work done. 

World War 1 Mascots

Today in reading we my group was reading about the world war 1 mascots and the reason for why the soldiers needed mascots. We also talked about the animals that could be pet by now. The first animal I could think of is a donkey and why it was needed in the world war 1. 

Measuring Angles

Today in maths we were learning about the different angles. The 6 angles are called obtuse, reflex, straight, right, acute and full turn. We label our angle rays/arms A, B and C. The lesson I learnt about angles is that we measure the angles using a protractor. Every number on the outside is the number you use to measure the angle. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2018


Today each group presented their reading kahoots. The kahoots were about the Signing Of The Treaty and The Hui (the meeting)... There were a lot of people trying their best to remember and think back to when we read the story and find the answers. The question most of our reading group got wrong was when the treaty happened. Ofa's group had a lot of hard questions but I managed to get 4 right!... I won a silver medal (3rd place medals)...