Monday, 11 December 2017

Year 7 Speeches - My Speech For Sports Leader

Hi my name is Viva,       
I think I would make a great sports leader because I am active, respectful and encouraging. The main reason I chose to be the sports leader for 2018 is because I love talking and sharing exciting news about sports, sports has been my buddy ever since I was a little girl. People said that “whatever sports you try out you will never make it into the finals” but I said to myself that “you'll never know until you try!” So I just ignored everything they had said and carried on playing sports! They all ended up with nothing to do but put people down. That’s why I’m here to tell you that you’ll never know until you try! So please
VOTE for me to be your sports leader for 2018. Thank you for listening and don’t forget that “you’ll never know until you try!”.

Today I have said my speech in front of the whole class, I was nervous when I first said "Hi". I felt like I was going to drop the microphone. At the end of the speech I stopped feeling nervous and sat down with the people that have finished their speech. I was revealed when I was finished saying my speech. But anyways as it says in my speech "you'll never know until you try" I kept saying it over and over again on the way back to class. I found it very interesting that Shakaia (my class mate) was the only one that was in for manaiakalani leader! 

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