Monday, 4 December 2017

Social Studies - Technology

On Friday (1st of December) last week our class went to tech at Tamaki College. We were all divided into 3 groups (social studies, PE and robotics). I was in social studies our teacher was Mrs Apelu, we were all on a site called "Pursued" there were helpers that came around to help us. We all worked collaboratively in buddies to find out what city we were in. There were only 2 groups that won the prize which had a little emoji on it, our group was one level close to winning but unfortunately lost. We were all given little cars (my one was green). I had loads of fun after the session and we all headed out and said "thank you for having us".

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  1. Hi Vivanisi! It was lovely to have you and your class visit us at Tamaki College and spending the time planning a trip for Mrs Anderson! Thanks again and feel free to visit us any time:)