Monday, 18 December 2017

Day #3 BONUS activity - Summer Learning Journey

Everyone’s family is unique. What makes your family special? Choose three people close to you and ask them what their two favourite things to do in summer are.

My Dad:

1. Singing
2. Playing Guitar
3. Playing Ukalele

My Nana:

1. Singing
2. Baking
3. Cooking

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  1. Hey there Viva, my name is Billy from the Summer Learning Journey. It's great to meet you and I look forward to your awesome posts this summer!

    Thanks for sharing some interesting facts about your family. It sounds as though they enjoy music and baking a lot!

    What sort of things do they like to bake and cook?

    Thanks, Billy

  2. Hi Vivanisi,
    I can see that your dad is a very musical person, and your nana loves singing too, are they where you get your love of singing from?

    Keep it up