Monday, 7 August 2017


My brother means everything to me!. He’s rough sometimes but when it come to someone hurting or bullying him oh gosh! Aren't they going to be in big trouble. He’s my hobbie.
37 words in 2 mins
I guess my brother is everything to me just like my cousins and family. My brother is my best friend he’s funny and also my family. He is the best brother in this whole wide world. My brother always tries his hardest to make me laugh.
46 words in 1 mins.
My brother is cool and funny just like my friends at school. He’s lazy sometimes too but at least he helps me and my mother clean the house.
28 words in 2 mins.

Our challenge today was to write my ideas clearly so that it made sense. We had only 4 minutes to do this in, and 1 minute to check our writing. Our task was called '2 words...1 minute'. We had to chose one of the words then power write for 1 minute, count our words, carry on for 2 more minutes, count our words; then finish with 1 more minute. It was fun and I enjoyed it very much!...

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