Thursday, 3 August 2017

Lunch Times At Panmure Bridge School

Lunch Times At Panmure Bridge School
Let me tell you something about lunchtimes at PBS. As soon as everyone hears the bell ring as loud as it can, kids run around their class rooms like crazy people, and also grab their lunches as fast as they can like they haven’t eaten in years. All I  hear is little kids screaming like there was no tomorrow. I see a lot of kids getting excited and walking around on the field telling forbidden secrets. I always see kids running around the playgrounds playing tag. As soon as the bell rings to tell us ‘lunchtime is over,’ every walks as slow as a bunch of turtles back to their rooms. “You know what?, lunchtime is my favorite time to play at school!

Today I have created a story describing what lunch time is like at Panmure Bridge School. Lunch time is the longest play time at school. This means that you get more time to play out doors with your friends. The most challenging thing was that when we started our writing session with Mrs. Anderson was that we had only 4 mins to get all our words down. After we finished writing I worked with my partner to change somethings and add in others because some of her writing didn't make sense.

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