Tuesday, 8 August 2017

In search of Atlantis

Retell and Paraphrase 2

Title -  In search of Atlantis

Key words from the text

SCUBA diving

Searching for Atlantis




Lived underwater

Diving again


Strange Arch, stone walls, statues

Stone head
Carla’s arm

Everything disappeared

What happened in the beginning?
Dad, Carla and Rob helped Dad get ready for  SCUBA diving. Dad was going to search for the lost city of Atlantis. “Can we dive with you?” Asked Rob. “Ok” cried Dad.  “But you must stay close to me”. They searched and searched but there was no sign of the lost city of Atlantis. When they got back to the boat Rob said to Carla “wasn’t it spooky down there? I thought someone was following us.” “You’re just chicken,” cried Carla. “I wasn’t scared at all,”. Carla and Rob wanted to find out about Atlantis. “Go to the Museum in the town” said Dad “and ask someone there.”
Carla and Rob went to the Museum. “Can you tell us the legend of the lost city of Atlantis?” cried Carla. The man said that Atlantis was once on land but the people of the city were bad. Their god made a huge earthquake and the city sank under the sea. “Did all the people drown?” asked Carla. “No” said the man. “The legend says they lived on in their underwater city but sometimes they come up to the town. They are strange people with gills on their necks, just like fish. But beware, bad things happened to people who search for Atlantis!”

What happened in the middle?
“That was a spooky story,” said Rob. “Maybe it’s not safe to dive.” “I’m not scared,” said Carla. “It’s just a story!”. Suddenly Rob grabbed her arm. “Look at that strange women. Maybe she’s from the lost city and she’s got that scarf to hide the gills on her neck!” “Rubbish!”  cried Carla. They went back to find Dad. He was getting ready to dive again. “I’ll come with you,” said Carla. “But Rob thinks the stories about Atlantis are true and he’s scared. “I’m not scared. I’ll come too!” shouted Rob.
They dived again.

What happened at the end?
This time Rob saw an eel coming towards him. Rob looked at Carla and waved at her. The eel snapped at her. She swam as fast as she could to get away from the eel. When the eel swam away they saw strange buildings, statues, Arches and stone walls. “I think this is the lost city!” cried Rob. Carla and Rob looked up they saw a big stone head. When the stone head came sinking down it had hit Carla’s arm. They swam up to the boat. Carla and Rob had explained everything to Dad. Dad had said “Stay on the boat i’ll dive to see if it really is,” When Dad had dived he had seen nothing. The lost city of Atlantis has disappeared.

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