Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Dance Practice

Today and yesterday we practiced our dance for the production at the end of the term. We were split in to three groups. The songs we did were Footloose, I see red and Staying alive. I was put in the Footloose group. We started off slowly, then practiced doing it super fast because the song had a fast beat. We all tried our hardest to do the dance super fast. When we finished, our teachers  called us down to reveal our dances to the class. We tried this very fast, twice. When we finished revealing our fast dance we got a round of  applause. We quickly sat down and carried on watching other peoples dances. This was a rewindable activity because we were able to go back to the video from yesterday to help us today.


  1. Hi Viva,

    You should keep practising so your group could get better and better.

  2. Thank you savelina, For commenting on my blog.