Thursday, 28 September 2017

School Production

Yesterday (Wednesday 27th of September), we all gathered around in the hall with our friends and families. Staying Alive went on stage first for their dance, After that I See Red walked onto the stage and started doing their dancing, we finally walked onto the stage happily and excited. When the song started we all started at the same time. When it became Fraidoons and my turn cartwheeling on stage. I felt a little bit nervous when I ran up to cartwheel. At the end of our dance my brothers class went on stage with their fancy clothing and started dancing. I started cheering on their dance group until they had finished. When the pacifica group jumped on stage I carried on cheering on for my friends just like I did for my brothers dance group. At the end of the production (celebrating the school ages) we all quickly ran to our parents and started talking about the whole production over and over again. The production was a very fun idea that the staff came up with. Thank you to my two teachers and the staff for organizing everything for the whole school and the parents that have come.

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