Thursday, 7 September 2017

Kiwi Can Session

Today we had our Kiwi Can session with Mr Malu and Mrs Latoia. We talked about taking risks. The word risk defines the word chance. Our warm up game was called  Bip Bop Bounce. We had to split up into two group so the boys had their own circle and the girls had their own.  The  rules for this game is that if the person in the middle of the circle  said to any person in the circle "bip bop bounce"... then that person has to say "bang" before that person ever said "bounce" to stay safe from loosing. The other warm up game was called Hand Soccer. This game was very fun and hard at the same time because you had to use you hand to touch or hit the ball and also trying to hit the ball into the goal was harder than I thought! because there were a whole lot of people in the way. These activities were just like excising and they were fun.

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