Tuesday, 28 March 2017



As I picked my bow up I felt scared and frustrated straight away. I couldn’t believe I was actually holding in my little sweaty hands. I took one step forward and for some reason one leg fell out of place while I was trying to aim and “Zoom!”  The arrow raced straight out of the bow and straight into the black stripes. “10 points! To the Target Hunters!” Arti shouted with excitement as she raced off with Jericho.
“Begin!” Arti cried. I got a fright and shot the white stripes! “Walk and get your arrows,” was our next instruction. As everyone took an arrow and started shooting I whispered to myself, “Target Hunters you can do this!” I began gazing at the arrows as they zoomed across to the target. Everyone tried so hard that they forget what to do!

Next we sat down and before anyone talked I took a deep gulp and stared at the flying kiwi people, “We won!” shouted Zane in Ofa’s ear. They began to argue until Ofa answered Zane back and grinned, “No we won!” The next two people walked up and picked their arrows up and began firing I began cheering quietly until…”Hey! How many points do we have?” Ma’ata shouted excitedly.

This game reminds me of the movie Hunger Games. As I tiptoed across the humongous mat I was practicing how to hold the bow and how to put the arrow in place. Next up was me again. I took a deep breath and fired…
“No!” Ofa cried loudly. He distracted me by being so loud which annoyed me! It was about to hit the bullseye but instead I fired to the muddy ground. “I don’t really care if we lose now,” I mumbled talking  to myself. My heart felt like it was pounding out of my chest.
After that I called Zahra over. Zahra didn’t hear me until someone shouted over my voice she looked over to that person very scared and horrified. I ignored it and politely asked  Ma’ata for the camera. I was so excited I ripped it out of her hands and distracted others by taking photos of them.
Ugh!” Affonso cried with horror.

At the end of the game Arti called us over to listen to how many points we had scored. Zane's team had more than three hundred and Ofa’s team had fifty points, so Zane's team won as they had more points. Before anyone could speak Ofa took a deep breath and shouted at Zane with all his might. Then Jericho started talking. As everyone paused to hear someone else speak they all began to let their thoughts out! The noise was crazy! We began packing up and Ofa was complaining all the way to the back deck at camp….

Today write a recount about what we did at camp. The activity I have written about was archery> The hard part of this recount was remembering to use past tense as it shows that I had to write about what had all ready happened at camp.

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