Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Glen Innes River/Omaru river restoration

LI:To look at currant issues in the media related to the Ecosystem in NZ
This DLO was about the Mad Ave/Tamaki Estuary helping to pick up rubbish and to restore the Omaru river also the Water care people are trying so hard to clean and pump in clean water into the dirty water...I learnt that if I throw rubbish or flush any chemical tool down the toilet would  cause the aquatic life to die...and also I knew straight away when Mrs Sally talked about  the polluted River  and rubbish that goes down the drain it can kill many Aquatic life... if your wondering how the rubbish goes down the drains?: it's because when it rains the water washes or carries the rubbish into the drain goes out to sea or if not close to the sea it goes to a river that's close or near then carries the rubbish down and out to sea this killed seven hundred pure cent (700%) of them died because of our littering...
By Savelina and Viva...

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