Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Show Me Don't Tell Me...

I heard splashing and birds singing in the trees.

I heard the sound of the tree leaves falling of twigs.

I felt excited about how fun it would be swimming in the salty ocean. 

I saw palm trees swaying side to side. 

I felt like I was going to explode because of how hot it was.

I wondered if I would get the chance to swim for a very long time.

I wondered if I would get my ice cream in time.

Today for writing we were given an activity that is similar to the game 'Rittles'. The purpose of this activity is to show don't tell. You have to give clues to where you are like for example a theme park (rainbows end), pools and the beach. Guess where I am... To know where I am read the clues and find out...

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