Thursday, 18 August 2016

All about me by viva

18 Aug 2016 11:50:53.jpgHi my name is viva and I live in Mt wellington my favorite foods are pancakes,KFC,Mc Donald,dumplings,and sushi!I love going shopping with my family and cousins… My friends at school are… magenta,Fui,rachel,vahoi,apitanga and I would Add  my old friends from north cote primary! In north shore! So here are their names: Ashley,Renee,Tanisha,Nicky!... I miss all the teachers at north cote primary! Also thank you Miss Madgwick!  For helping,supporting,trying and forgiving me for not listening sometimes!? I am 10 years old! I’m a year 6 at Panmure Bridge School...thank you for reading this!!!

By, 18 August 2016

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